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The Crystal Garden is a business owned and operated by Sam Bryan Jr.  I have been collecting and meditating with crystals for years and now  I wish to share information about crystals, gemstones, rocks, and minerals with the public.  I am just getting started with this project so it may take some time to have everything up and running completely.


The services I offer are making available new age crystals, books, music and links to other places, along with my site,  that will help people with their body, mind, and spirit.  I also have some information about the crystals on the Crystal Properties page  I think the time is right for everyone to enjoy the healing properties of the items I have on this site.  If you have any questions about The Crystal Garden, email me at sam@the-crystal-garden.com .

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The Crystal Garden Rocks! Store Grand Opening Soon!

Welcome to The Crystal Garden website!

Much more will be
added later.

We are excited about the opening of our store in the Timberlyne Shopping Center
in Chapel Hill. Currently our goal is to open April 14. But that is subject to change. Please check back
here for the actual opening date.

If you e-mail us with your e-mail address, we will notify you regarding the actual date.

Send e-mail to sam@the-crystal-garden.com.

Address for Timberlyne Shopping Center is 1129 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC.

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Center layout.

Phone 919-265-8038

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Crystals are living beings and they, along with the crystal/stone beings, deserve to be treated kindly and with respect.


Prayer is something that I believe in very strongly.  All things living everywhere are created by a loving God.  The crystals, musicians, authors, and everything else available on this site was created by God and they are used to help people approach God and worship Him.  I also believe the Earth is a living being.  She is very loving and creative; God and the Earth together(even though those words overlap) create an incredible team to make life a wonderful experience.  I understand that everyone has their own beliefs about God(who some my say Spirit or other names), the Earth, religion, spirituality and I respect everybody's belief.

For Your Consideration

I would like to emphasize that the metaphysical properties of stones is intuitive, and not scientifically verified.  This field is one of speculation and exploration, and individuals are encouraged to use discrimination to determine what is true for them.  We cannot guarantee any results with any crystals or any other items for sale.  We advocate individual responsibility for one's exploration of these ideas, and we do not advocate the use of stones as a substitute for medical or psychological care.  Our stones are not intended to treat or cure any disease.