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  • Love this and owner Sam is one of the kindest of people you will ever meet. He was just starting up when we met, and it’s been great watching him “grow” his business. He knows his “stuff”, and takes the time to share knowledge. He’s also open to requests so stop in. It’s located in the same corner of Tymberlyne shopping center where there was another crystal store for several years. We need this store!

  • It's great to see a local rock shop. I was very impressed when I visited.I

  • Amazing shop! Been shopping there for a long time, Sam and Eli always do right by me. Awesome selection, Great customer service, and fair affordable prices! If you're into minerals the crystal garden is the place to be!

  • Absolutely love it here! The prices are spot on and it's an overall really soothing feeling just walking through the store. I shop here so frequent, that Sam (the owner) knows what my likes and wants are and knows just how to get me! I like the extreme friendliness I've experienced each and every time. If there was more than 5 stars, they definitely deserve them!

  • I'm so glad i found this place. I use to frequent museums and gift shops looking for crystals. This place is conveniently located in the Timberlyne shopping center. Great selection of crystals, chakra items, there are even herbs, nice CDs and books about crystals and meditation. Good atmosphere and helpful associate.

  • I was I was amazed at the selection available here! The energy is also incredible, you immediately feel it when you enter. The owner, Sam, is the most well versed in crystals I have ever encountered. My new favorite crystal shop!

  • The Crystal Garden is tucked inside the Timberlyne shopping plaza and, if you will mind my pun, is a hidden gem. The store has numerous quality gemstones and the store owner is very knowledgeable when it comes to his products. If you looking for an interesting gift or something more, stop by the Crystal Garden and poke around, you will not be disappointed.

  • Sam is great guy! Amazing selection and great energy! We all at One Tribe Fest NC adore him. Next event May 6-7 2017 NC State Fair Grounds!

  • The owner is very kind and helpful. Great quality stones, and quite the variety in a tiny space. Many rare, beautiful specimens were found here! Worth checking out.

  • Sam is very knowledgeable and great to work with.

  • For a small space , there is a large variety.

  • This shop rocks!!! Such an awesome find! Excellent selection of high quality stones. Friendly, Positive, Peaceful environment.. Great Vibes!

  • Cute colorful gems

  • Wonderful place, as soon as you enter positive vibes are flowing. Wonderful owner, very knowledgeable and passionate about The Crystal Garden. I come here every week.

Having spent time shopping in crystal stores in many states, but primarily in Mount Shasta CA...I have to say that shopping at Crystal Garden was an awesome experience. If you are new to crystals, or looking for that special crystal for your collection...this is where you need to look. I had a long list of very specific items I needed, and was amazed at the quality, availability, and selection found here. I drove nearly 2 hours to visit...and am already planning a return trip next week. The shop owner is so knowledgeable about every crystal he has, and can guide appropriately based on what you are looking for. I highly recommend this shop for anyone looking for crystals or stones. This is your one-stop-crystal-shop!! - Brandy R.

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This shop is amazing! The energy is powerfully positive, the selection is vast and superior to most shops in both quantity and quality, and the owner is the most knowledgeable I've encountered. Perfect if you are just getting into crystals, need something unique, or are looking for that rare piece for your established collection. You almost get sticker shock at his prices, considering the quality...I expected to pay close to double what I ended up paying. Shop here - you won't be disappointed!

Facebook Reviews - 5 stars out of 5

  • Facebook comment: A friend of mine told me that Sam's store is her 8 year old granddaughter's favorite place. They go there often. She said that Sam is so sweet to her granddaughter. He patiently educates her about the crystals and gemstones and answers her many questions. The family buys many of her gifts from Sam. My friend said that it is a lovely, fun outing for them.
  • Sam is so sweet and shared his knowledge of his beautiful collection of stones, crystals and handmade jewelry. He has no-nonsense pricing, sage and feathers, and he hand-wrote what each stone was on each little bag :)

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