Information on Crystal Properties

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Aegerine - Clearing, protection, energy, confidence - helpful for all chakras - good for recovery from toxic substances or energies - aids with depression, guilt, shame - assists removal of negative entities and energies

Aventurine(Red) - Red Aventurine is a stone of vitality, creativity, mental alertness and manifestation through action.  It increases one's desire to take on and overcome the challenges of life, and it helps one find the determination to persevere in the most difficult situations.  It increases the flow of prana, or life force, helping those with low vitality to get things done.  People recovering from illness can use it to aid them in rebuilding their physical energies, as well as their confidence.  Individuals who work long hours with focused attention will find Red Aventurine a helpful ally.  Red aventurine helps turn dreams into reality by giving one the strength, faith, confidence and perseverance to see things through. 

     Red Aventurine carries some energies of Earth and Fire elements.  It is helpful for transforming physicality through focusing energy into action.  It helps to regulate one's energy so consistent effort can be generated.  It helps one to remain focused on the task at hand and to pursue one's goals with determination.  It  aids one in bringing divinely inspired ideas into being by helping one to determine the highest course of action. 

     Red Aventurine helps one choose the highest path among many options.  It helps with discernment and the ability o see which ideas will ultimately prove themselves and others that will prove to be useless.  It helps one choose the right among many paths.  For people who have many creative ideas but have difficulty following through with any of them, Red Aventurine is a powerful ally.  It can also point out when one is not on the right path and helps to get back on the best path.  Red Aventurine is a great stone for the New Age and can help one along with the rest of the world have the will and stamina to see the great shift that humanity is now experiencing all the way through to completion.

Danburite - Danburite's name is derived from its original discovery in Danbury, Connecticut, USA.  It is found in the USA, Australia, Chile, Peru, France, Namibia, Russia, Egypt, and Mexico.  Danburite helps one to evolve spiritually.  It is a gentle yet powerful aid to the upliftment of one's awareness to the higher spiritual vibrations.  Danburite is excellent for linking the crown chakra with the heart chakra.  It is also helpful in activating all of the higher chakras above the head.  This crystal helps one move into the angelic domain, with which Danburite has a special resonance.  This stone can help with interdimensional travel and contact with angels and extraterrestrial beings.

     Danburite is great for releasing stress and worry.  It helps to soothe the heart and sends the message that all is well.  This can be very helpful in this day and age.  Danburite can help with meditation just by holding one in one or both hands.  It can help with sleep by placing one near or in the pillowcase in which one tries to sleep.  It can help calm anxious mind chatter and bring peace.

    The chakras the Danburite resonate with are the heart(4th), crown (7th), and the etheric (8th-14th).

     Some Danburite is clear, pink, gray, golden, opaque, transparent, or double terminated.  Sometimes one can pick up on tones and extraterrestrial 'music of the spheres.' 

     Danburite's energy is the celebration of the Divine Source and it's energy is very closely attuned to Reiki energy.  Danburite  is a great tool for to use when one is opening to channel, it brings one into  resonance with high-grequency Light enery and allows one to gracefully open to these frequencies so they can be brought into the Earth plane and used for service to the world.  It helps with communion with one's guides and helps recall of what might have happened during an exchange with one's guides or angels.  Danburite helps one to feel loved by God and not to be afraid.  This is very much needed on the planet right now and Danburite is doing its part in the Great Spiritual Shift that we are all going through right now.  Danburite can help bring a optimistic outlook to those who are ill.  Danburite is a great stone to work with when one wishes to communicate with one's angels and/or our Creator.

 Tibetan Tektite - Tibetan Tektites are found in Tibet and southern China.  They are glassy objects with a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5.  Tektites are believed to have formed as a result of meteoric impacts.  Over two-thousand years ago , the Chinese writer Liu Sun gave Tektites the name Lei-gong-mo, meaning "Inkstone of the Thundergod."  They are also known as the Stone of Shamballa.  The Australians believed that finding one was good luck.  In India, the stones have been known as Saimantaki-mani, the "sacred gem of Krisna."  Scientists have long debated whether Tektites were themselves meteorites, terrestrial rocks melted by meteoric impacts, or some fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material. 

     Tektites carry the energies of a number of extraterrestrial streams of communication and information.  The stones vibrate with high-frequency pulsations which can put one in touch with ETs.  A being known as Ashtar, who has been named as a benevolent ET guardian by a number of intuitive channels, is believed to use Tektites as facilitators of telepathic communication with human beings.  Carrying or wearing a Tektite can heighten the vibration level of one's auric field.  This can have various consequences, such as heightened psychic sensitivity, clairaudient experiences, increased frequency of synchronicities, and a sense of seeing through the veil of the physical world. 

When these stones are brought into the energetic field, this impact can be felt through an immediate 'jolt' within the energy field.  Tibetan Tektites initiate the flow of energy from the Earthstar chakra below the feet upward through the chakra column to the Soul Star chakra above the head.  They help to burn away energetic debris.  Tektites are great for meditation.  Tektites are wonderful guides to the outer reaches of the cosmos.  They can help put one in touch with beings from other planets and all over the Universe.  Tibetan Tektites ability to help the physical body integrate high-frequency energy is vital to humanity's evolution at this time.

Some of the above information comes from Robert Simmons' and Naisha Ahsian's Book of Stones and Robert Simmons' Stones of the New Consciousness and The Pocket Book of Stones, from Judy Hall's Crystal Bible 1 and 2 and The Encyclopedia of Crystals, and 101 Power Crystals, Cassandra Eason's Healing Crystals, Simon and Sue Lilly's The Essential Guide to Crystals, and Liz's website: Healing Crystals for You.